birth control illegal?

I have heard many friends say over the years that the other side would not have the nerve to go after birth control. Think again.

Republicans around the country are moving full steam ahead on their baby agenda. A bill recently introduced in Wisconsin prohibits University of Wisconsin campuses from prescribing, dispensing and advertising all forms of birth control and emergency contraceptives. That means college women, who are particularly susceptable to sexual assault, will be forced into extremely difficult circumstances.

Furthermore, pharmacists continue to refuse to fill birth control prescriptions.

Oh, and lest you think you are safe in California, New York or Massachusetts, consider this: If the Supreme Court rolls back Roe and/or Griswald, the Federal Congress will be free to render these things illegal across the country (under the strong reading of the commerce clause that we have promoted for so long). That means that this is in your back yard.


I'm a republican and i don't agree with the idea that birth control should be out-lawed, but why make the comment "That means college women, who are particularly susceptable to sexual assault, will be forced into extremely difficult circumstances". Everyone knows that rape is not that common and that getting pregnant from a rape is even less common.

Your issue isn't so much about women who are raped as it is women who want to be sexually active. To focus on the extreme minority of the rape victim when the real issue is the sexually active non-raped women is just putting up a front, and a pretty bad one at that. At least have the guts to stand up for what you believe in instead of trying to manipulate people and hide.

By Blogger JC Masterpiece, at 6:46 PM

Hi jc,

Thanks for your support on the birth control issue.

As for your criticism, I agree that a big issue is women who choose to be sexually active. I chose not to discuss that in my post because I didn't have time to write about it, not because I won't stand up for it. Unfortunately, you chose to jump to the conclusion that I'm putting up a "front".

I must also disagree on the point that "rape is not common." In my experience, it is quite common. What statistics are you looking at? The reason friends of mine have not become pregnant from rape is that they have had access to birth control and reproductive health services.

While freedom to engage in consensual sex is hugely important, I am particularly horrified by the idea of a woman who has been assaulted and gets pregnant because she didn't have time to travel far off campus for birth control, or because she has no access to immediate birth control after the incident.

By Blogger Tree, at 7:15 PM

in 2003 roughly 5% of rapes resulted in pregnancy.

-src http://www.rainn.org/statistics.html


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:29 PM

Quoting the statistics from www.rainn.org (linked above): "Up to 4,065 pregnancies may have resulted from these attacks."

I agree with Tree in her proclaims that rape "is quite common." According to the statistics from the website, it states that only 40% of rapes are even reported. Further, that 5% of rape victims result in pregnancy. Forget the percentage factor and look at the numbers. That is 4,065 women.

Being a woman myself, the idea of birthcontrol becoming "illegal" is pretty scary! Should this happen, I fear the abortion rate will only climb.

By Blogger L.A.N.Y.C.baby, at 11:44 PM

I wouldn't mind the Republican secret agenda so much if they valued people who have been born and are struggling as much as they valued unborn fetuses.

By Blogger Thomas, at 6:10 PM

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